Due to the outbreak of COVID-19 all Winslow Public Schools will be taking the precaution of closing until Monday, April 27th (until further notice).

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Chad Bell

Greetings students, parents, staff, and community members.   As the Principal of Winslow High School, I want to welcome you to our website.   The goal of the website is to provide all stakeholders with useful information.  It is also important for us, as a school, to highlight the successes of our students both in and out of the classroom.  Please check the Winslow High School website frequently for updates. Chad Bell, Principal


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 Student of the Month

Skyler Nye

 Skylar Nye is the epitome of the 'acceptance of others' as well as 'citizenship' categories. She goes out of her way to be kind, helpful and welcoming to new students, whether they are new to Winslow HS altogether, or just new to Band, Chorus or Drama. She is a leader among band and drama students - modeling not only how to do things, but a great attitude and work ethic while doing them. Her enthusiasm and can-do attitude inspires others to pitch in and help out no matter what the task. Skylar is a model of individuality, and yet is the essence of a team player. Her sense of social justice is strong: she will stand up for what is right and fiercely defend the rights of others. She has managed the Unified Basketball team for the past two years, and has been a valuable member of that organization. Overall, Skylar shows the importance of supporting the individual in order to create hardworking, strong communities and is therefore an excellent choice for Student of the Month.

Colby H. Pomeroy Receives 2020 MPA Principal’s Award


Colby H. Pomeroy, a senior at Winslow High School, has been selected to receive the 2020 Principal’s Award, Principal Chad Bell announced today.  The award, sponsored by the Maine Principals’ Association, is given in recognition of a high school senior’s academic excellence, outstanding school citizenship, and leadership.


Principal Bell noted in making the award, “Colby is the epitome of what we look for in students to represent our school.  He understands the commitment it takes to be inclusive and ensure that all students are included in what we do at Winslow High School.  Whether it is ensuring that the band is present for a basketball game or greeting you in the hallway with his infectious smile, Colby understands the importance of making others feel welcome at Winslow High School.  


His reaches go far beyond the classroom and hallways.  Colby represents Winslow High School with the utmost level of sportsmanship on the playing fields and courts.  In the recent basketball tournament, several administrators from other schools commented on the positivity and sportsmanship of Colby not only towards his own team, but opposing players as well.”

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