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Chad Bell

Greetings students, parents, staff, and community members.   As the Principal of Winslow High School, I want to welcome you to our website.   The goal of the website is to provide all stakeholders with useful information.  It is also important for us, as a school, to highlight the successes of our students both in and out of the classroom.  Please check the Winslow High School website frequently for updates. Chad Bell, Principal

Congratulations to the students who earned quarter 2 high honors, honors, and honorable mention

3/1/18:  3rd quarter progress reports were mailed home for students who are failing or near failing the quarter. 3rd quarter ends March 30th.

Notes from the nurse!
Please use the following as a guide during this cold and flu season. If you have any questions about return to school after illness or other concerns, the nurse can be reached at 859-2434.  

Congratulations to Winslow Drama on a wonderful, sold out performance of GREASE!  

Congratulations to Mr. Keenan! He was recognized by the Maine Principals' Association for the Larry Labrie Award for outstanding service to interscholastic activities.

Unified 2017 Presentation.mp4

"Inside those gym walls"

Inside those gym walls, there is confidence

That if bottled could sell for millions

There’s no question of “if” or “maybe” or “not sure”

But it’s “when” and “of course” and “I know”

Smiles come easy in the basketball hours

With emotions swelling high from within

Shared enthusiasm tugs at hearts and showcases hope

Waiting on moments of perseverance and glimmers of brilliance  

Inside those gym walls, there is dedication to carry on

Scrapping and digging for each and every achievement

Knowing that a miss is not a fail but a reminder

Those accomplishments aren’t always easy

Without a try, there can be no success

And one shot is simply not enough

Expectations of triumph weigh on all shoulders

But pride and determination are strong enough to hold it all

Inside those gym walls, there are lessons

Lessons that can’t be taught – but are learned

Tenacity, willpower, and bravery

Endurance, strength, and resolve

Recklessness, courage, and happiness

Sportsmanship, integrity, and honor

All exist inside those gym walls

Congratulations to Susan Grant who has been selected to receive the 2017 Principal's Award. The award is given in recognition of a high school senior's academic excellence, outstanding school citizenship, and leadership. Read more here. 
Episode 3 of the Black Raider News

Congratulations to Samuel Lambrecht who has been named a candidate in the 

Unified Basketball Team 2016
How does a heart grow?
BY Kit Potelle
How a heart does grow?
It might have been the first practice we had
Those nervous smiles edged with uncertainty
Turning genuine when unclear became clear
That realization of what this was about
Perhaps it was the warm-up circle
That night before the first game
Seeing many become one

Shouts of "I believe" ringing in the gym
Maybe it was the first basket that was scored
Just seconds into our start
Taking some of the anxious butterflies away
Giving a hint of excitement to come
Possibly it was the pointing to the crowd
The airplanes down the court
The fist bumps and high fives
Or the celebrations for any score
Was it the fans that came in?
Wondering what the buzz was all forThe community praising that "new team" 
Sharing joy and cheers with all there

I wonder if it was the off court stuff?
The recognitions in the hall
The standing ovations at assemblies
When the names weren't known beforeI think it was the confidence

That could be seen growing among them all
Heads held a little higher
Standing taller than before
So when words escape me
And I try to explain what this did for me
All I can think of is this and much more
And realize... It's not hard to explain how a heart grows

International Thespian Society
Members of International Thespian Society Troupe 8258
Winslow High School has become a member of the International Thespian Society. WHS is Troupe 8258. The first members who qualified with hours recorded  for the various stage productions are: Emily Pellerin, Calli Lavarnway, Maria Poirier, Emily Cates, Cassie Thompson,  Tyler Harriet and Bria Crosby. Congratulations!

Winlsow High School Goes to College
Winslow High School Goes to College

Friday, November 6th. The morning  started with a motivational speech by Laurie Lachance, the President of Thomas College. Then 500 students and staff boarded buses heading off to visit one of eight Maine colleges.

Congratulations to all our teams that have now completed their seasons!

Thomas College Computer Competition
Jordan Maxell, Josh Morissette, Ben Lemieux, Sylas Rayborn and Jacob Crosby competed against 14 other Maine teams. The competition had three main events, Cyber Security, Robotics and League of Legends. Team members belong to  the WHS Computer Club and are CyberPatriot competitors. Congratulations! Select the link for the Sentinel Article.



 Student of the Month

Dominique Velazquez was selected as student of the month for academic excellence.  

This young lady leaves a certain teacher in awe and wonder at how a person, only in their late teens, can be responsible for so much with work and family and still be so successful in school. Furthermore, with all the responsibility this young lady has, she is able to do it with such grace that it seems she is ALWAYS in a great mood and a pleasure to be around—I think all the faculty and staff at the school would agree. Her grade in English class is a solid A, and I've rarely seen a student so THOROUGH, who comes back when she's absent, checks on what she has missed, and even checks on material we've done when she is here to make sure she understands the concepts. She's just one of the many wonderful students who fly “below the radar” at our wonderful school, but definitely one to be recognized for her academic achievement. We are happy to nominate Dominque Velazquez for Student of the Month!

Congratulations, Dominique! 

Freshman Emily Glidden Honored for Service
Emily Glidden Recognized for Community Service
Congratulations for your service! Emily was chosen from 200 nominees to receive the  Young Maine Volunteer Roll of honor. She logged over 300 hrs. of service.  She received recognition and an award at a recent Portland Pirates game along  with 29 other recipients. The volunteers were recognized on the red carpet  between quarters for their service.  Emily also received the Presidents Volunteer Service medal and a certificate from the Maine Commission for community service.

Jessica Greeley Signs
 Letter of Intent

Jessica Greeley Signs Letter of Intent
Jessica and her parents,
Anne Lindeman and Scott Greeley, signed a Letter of Intent to play Field Hockey at Franklin Pierce College, NCAA Division II.  Her head coach is MaryBeth Bourgoin and assistant coaches, Lori Fredette and Cheryl Winkin

Alyssa Burbank was  honored with a Prudential Spirit of Community Award. Alyssa was a finalist for the award and received an engraved Bronze medallion.

Guidance News
 New Information on Guidance Page for Seniors and upcoming events.