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Chad Bell

Greetings students, parents, staff, and community members.   As the Principal of Winslow High School, I want to welcome you to our website.   The goal of the website is to provide all stakeholders with useful information.  It is also important for us, as a school, to highlight the successes of our students both in and out of the classroom.  Please check the Winslow High School website frequently for updates. Chad Bell, Principal


Learn more about the building updates, below: 

Congratulations to students who earned high honors, honors, and honorable mention in quarter four! 

Congratulations to Maeghan Bernard on receiving the 

Congratulations to Weslee Littlefield who signed a letter of commitment to play at Ohio University and will receive a scholarship to play field hockey! 



 Student of the Month

Mackenzy Labrie was selected as student of the month for volunteerism, citizenship, and academics.
 Mackenzy Labrie has amassed hundreds of hours of service in many different settings both in and out of school these last for years, but the start of high school was in no way easy. A kid who hadn’t missed a full day of school in five months, missed more than fifty days of traditional school in the second semester of freshman year after sustaining a serious head injury. A proud student athlete, was to be an athlete no more. Suddenly in her first year of high school she needed to rebuild her hobbies, her interests and even her hang out group as they were all busy with athletics, just like she used to be. And what an amazing rebuild of her life Mackenzy accomplished! Just as the last month of her high school career is flying by, she is working diligently on a gift to the classes behind hers. For the last four months she has been updating our school’s scholarship directory, moved several local scholarships into Google Forms so more students can complete scholarship applications in an easier format, and is even helping create a searchable database for local scholarships. The guidance staff could not have even dreamed of accomplishing this major update without Mackenzy’s tireless dedication to leaving WHS a little better than she found itMackenzy Labrie is resilient, driven, and generous with her time. 
Congratulations, Mackenzy!