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Chad Bell

Greetings students, parents, staff, and community members.   As the Principal of Winslow High School, I want to welcome you to our website.   The goal of the website is to provide all stakeholders with useful information.  It is also important for us, as a school, to highlight the successes of our students both in and out of the classroom.  Please check the Winslow High School website frequently for updates. Chad Bell, Principal


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Congratulations to students who earned high honors, honors, and honorable mention in quarter four! 

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 Student of the Month

Since the beginning of the school year, Dawsen Gurski has volunteered in the Life Skills classroom, helping students with reading, laughs, and fist bumps. He has the respect and care of my students, and it is very clear that he has the respect and care for them as well. We start our day with a journal and one question asked, "Why should we expect little when helping others?" Dawsen answered that he got nothing back except for feeling good about himself and knowing he is helping new and old friends. Dawsen is the definition of community and volunteerism that we advocate for at Winslow High School. I am very proud to nominate Dawsen for Student of the Month.