For Seniors

Finding the Right College for You

There are many different ways to search for possible colleges. You can begin by thinking about location, major, proximity to home, type of degree you want, etc.

Sometimes, when students aren't sure where to begin, we use to start thinking about possibilities. This is a quick, accessible tool to begin to view different types of colleges, search by major, search by size, etc. Another tool you can use is FAME's Maine-specific search. Using the following link, you can search for various programs in Maine offered by Maine colleges and universities. Just click this link: Fame Maine College Search

We have many different books and guides highlighting Maine schools and other types of institutions throughout the country. If you have any questions, please make an appointment to see your guidance counselor and we can help!


The Accuplacer is a computerized, untimed series of tests required by all Maine Community Colleges, and is sometimes used by 4-year colleges as well. To be accepted to a Maine Community College, usually, students will need to test in 4 or 5 areas:

  • Sentence Skills

  • Reading Comprehension

  • Arithmetic

  • Elementary Algebra

  • Writeplacer (required by CMCC and EMCC)

Students are encouraged to TAKE THEIR TIME WITH THESE ASSESSMENTS. They can pause an assessment, do one at a time, and retest as needed. WHS Guidance charges $2 per test. Free/Reduced lunch test fees are waived.

It is very important to review the ACCUPLACER before testing. There are materials in Guidance, or check out these sites for more help:

Free Accuplacer app

Accuplacer sample questions

Accuplacer test prep website

Scholarship Information

Students have to hunt for scholarships as though they are seeking a part time job. This means they have to pay attention to announcements, stop by guidance frequently to search for scholarships, and use a few online sources to research and apply for scholarships. The majority of scholarships available to graduating seniors are available online. More and more scholarships are available right through the spring semester.

Here are a few steps students can take to search for scholarships:


Many area organizations such as banks, employers, churches, and other associations offer scholarships to students in the Winslow and Central Maine area. We have a directory that is available in the Guidance Office or online here: WHS Scholarship Directory. The key is that students have to search, obtain applications (many of them are online), complete them, send with required documents by the deadline, and then continue searching! Last year, one of our students was awarded with more than $15,000 in scholarship support. It's possible, but students need to continually search throughout the year for scholarship money.


There are several state-wide organizations that are very helpful in the scholarship search process. Try any of the following to look for Maine-specific scholarships:



there are many, many different scholarships and scholarship searches available. Please remember, NEVER PAY TO SEARCH FOR A SCHOLARSHIP! There are some scams that usually require a fee for service. Never pay to submit or search for a scholarship!

Some credible national search sites are: | | the College Board scholarship search | Chegg