Student of the Month


November's Senior of the Month

Jacob Owen

The Senior student of the month has changed considerably over his four years at WHS. He is focused, disciplined, and driven. His grades are impeccable. During study halls he can be seen working. As an athlete, he is classy and dedicated. He is extremely empathetic and greets tasks with calmness and seriousness.  He is respectful and advocates for himself and others. He has matured and developed an excellent work ethic since his Freshman year. He gets along with all classmates and enjoys working with younger students as well as being in his 2nd year of hyperaide. It is for these reasons that the October student of the month is being awarded to Jacob Owen!


November's Junior of the Month

Emmy Carlson

This young lady is not only an outstanding student, but is also involved in a multitude of extra curricular activities.  She does everything with grace, kindness, and sweetness that benefits everyone here at WHS. As president of the Junior class, she uses her position to better things for everyone, not just her circle of friends. Congratulations to October student of the Month for the Junior class, Emmy Carlson!


November's Sophomore of the Month

Hannah Delile

When I read through the Winslow High School Vision of the Graduate, and more specifically, the Responsible Citizen principles (Contributes to the community, Respects community through courtesy and acceptance of others, Maintains a sense of integrity, Adapts to an ever-changing world Manages and balances time, resources, and responsibilities),  I quickly have Hannah Delile in mind.  She greets everyone with genuine humanity.  She goes out of her way to make sure that every person that comes in contact with her has a better day. She is thoughtful of others and manages her school work and extra curricular activities with grace.  Winslow High School is lucky to have Hannah Delile grace its halls everyday!  It is for these reasons and many more that she is a deserving recipient of student of the month for the Sophomore Class!


November's Freshmen of the Month

Reese Siodla

This Freshman student checks many of the boxes we look for when nominating for a student of the month. Not only is this student involved in freshman class government, but she went above and beyond in her commitment to be helpful in trying to make things like the Homecoming Dance a great experience for everyone who attended. Helping set up and staying late afterward to help her advisors clean up was model behavior, and reflects how committed she is to most everything she does in her studies.  She is very well liked by her peers and has a bright future ahead of her at Winslow High School. Congratulations to Freshman student of the month, Reese Siodla.