Student of the Month


May's Senior of the Month

William Parent

The senior student of the month is a young man who distinguishes himself by being genuine, compassionate, and incredibly easy to work with. Several teachers have remarked how much he has grown as a student and as a school citizen. His past coaches, when reached for comment, were incredibly excited about the prospect of him earning student of the month, and agreed that he was well deserving for his diligence and mental toughness. In a world that can often be filled with disrespect, this senior seems to have the emotional intelligence to respond to things with kindness and understanding. In the past couple of years, he's dealt with incredible adversity and loss, and, many believe, he has emerged as a stronger and more focused young man. He has potential to do fantastic things as he prepares to leave Winslow High School to prepare for the next step. This student of the month is proudly given to Will Parent.


May's Junior of the Month

Malyn Beaster

The junior class student of the month is polite, positive, and hardworking. She holds herself to consistently high academic standards and helps her peers whenever she can. Whenever she walks into class, she greets teachers and always says thank you as she leaves.

As part of the school community, she is a positive contributor to ensuring that the junior Prom is set up for success. Many afternoons, she is hard at work on preparations - both painting, and cutting out decorations and supporting her peers.

In the classroom, she consistently works well with her other group members, teachers have witnessed and commented upon how she is able to ask questions and help guide her peers appropriately. 

Outside of school, she is very dedicated to her extracurricular dance program, spending a significant amount of time preparing for recitals. She is a very well rounded student and worthy of being named Student of the Month for Junior Class. And there is a nonzero chance that she has been standing behind the podium as we’ve been reading this about her. Congratulations go to Malyn Beaster for Student of the Month. 


May's Sophomore of the Month

Ethan Rancourt

The sophomore student of the month is a student who embodies the true spirit of a Black Raider. This individual demonstrates unwavering dedication both in academics and athletics. Just as they race towards the finish line on the track, they apply the same determination to their studies, consistently pushing themselves with unwavering focus. Their journey as a student has shown remarkable growth, highlighting the power of persistent effort in achieving academic success and personal development. Their commitment is an inspiration, demonstrating that diligence and perseverance are key to reaching one's goals.

This student's journey isn't just about their own achievements, but also about the lessons they share with their peers. Their pursuit of excellence sets a strong example, showing that with dedication, anything is possible. Their passion for learning and their resilience in the face of challenges make them a deserving recipient of this honor. Let's celebrate Ethan Rancourt not only for their accomplishments, but also for the determination and spirit they bring to our school community every day.


May's Freshmen of the Month

Eliott Stepp

This student possesses great energy and enthusiasm. He is engaged in the classroom, a good WHS citizen and participates in golf and outdoor track.

He was nominated because of his respect for others and positive disposition. Congratulations to the May Freshmen Student of the Month, Eliott Stepp.

Congratulations to Bree Castagnetto!