Student of the Month


December's Student of the Month

Joe Pfingst

"When you think about what a 'Black Raider' is, this person immediately comes to mind. He is a voice for all students; can be seen giving encouragement and praise to everyone around him; and he is one of the nicest young men I have ever met. His enthusiasm and spirit for Winslow High School is contagious, and he is always one to suggest a fun way to celebrate something going on at school. When the NEASC committee was visiting our school, it was obvious that this young man would be one of the people they would talk to; and he represented our school well.”

"He is an outstanding ambassador for Winslow High School. His ninth grade year he was selected as the student to talk with 8th graders and their families at our open house. For Vassalboro Tours, video tours, 9th grade student orientation, Joe was a go to guy for welcoming people into our community. His love for our school community is completely infectious."

"When we think of students that exude ""Raider Pride"" , he fits the bill to a ""T"". He is academically motivated, a well-rounded athlete, someone who serves our WHS community, and is a true student leader. He can rally his peers to help in events like coin drives and winter carnival. His personality is larger than life, and at a time like this, we need that the most. He is a reminder every time he walks by of the spirit and positivity we need right now. He is a Black Raider through and through, and is the perfect candidate for this honor."