Student of the Month


Cassidy McIntire Student of the Month - February

Cassidy's intense interest in learning and kind, thoughtful nature define every task she undertakes. She takes pride in not just completing a task but also in doing it to the very best of her ability. In her independent study, she took research assignments beyond their original scope, as her interest in learning more about a topic led her to dig deeper. In drama, as a Thespian co-president and stage manager, she is a role model and leader. She's a team member first, fully invested in producing the best outcome possible. She is kind, always, but also a strong leader in that she helps to hold people accountable and to motivate them to do their best. She has the ability to anticipate a problem before it occurs and is usually already taking measures to deal with it by the time I've even considered doing so. In addition, she has assumed a leadership role in her yearbook class. Although the class is not meeting this semester, she has been creating pages during the last few weeks in order to help meet upcoming deadlines. She is a member of several yearbook committees, and she invests time and effort.