Student of the Month


April's Student of the Month

Uliana Fournier

Teacher #1 "Uliana is a sophomore who just came to the Black Raider family this year. She is a wonderful student who is always prepared for class. She loves class discussion and participates to the fullest. She works well with her peers. I believe she has earned the respect of both her teachers and her peers as a devoted scholar.

Teacher #2 "This student has an insatiable hunger for learning, reading, and expanding her knowledge of the world. Her inquisitive mind is always active. She never misses an opportunity to ask relevant questions and her passion for learning and her positive attitude are contagious in the classroom. She is enthusiastic and supportive of others. For these reasons, I would like to nominate Uliana Fournier as a Student of the Month."


May's Student of the Month

Owen Schuchardt

Teacher #1 - "Sometimes, we can take for granted when an individual is, by their very nature, an exceptional human being. Of course, we should not do this, but we do. This is an opportunity for us to recognize what an exceptional person we have in our presence with this young man. He is smart, funny, personable, genuine, committed, and incredibly kind. Our school, and our community as a whole, benefits from him being a part of it. He has been a quiet, but very important leader in what has been a very trying year for all of us. I am very pleased to nominate Owen Schuchardt for Student of the Month."

Teacher #2 - "Owen Schuchardt is a tremendous example of what a student of the month should be: A fantastic young person who often flies under the radar and doesn't get the credit they deserve. Owen is literally the kind of student who makes teaching enjoyable; I mean this with all due respect, but he's almost like a "dog” with how consistently pleasant, cheerful, and gentle spirited he is on a daily basis. I don't know if I've seen a TRACE of negativity from him ALL YEAR, and he has had a straight A in my class all four quarters. He's consistent. He's serious. He's involved. He's a leader. He would be a tremendous choice for student of the month!"