Student of the Month


Januray's Senior of the Month

Aliyah LaCroix

Aliyah is the definition of excellence which flies under the radar. While quiet and unassuming, her work ethic and willingness to take responsibility for her academic standing is second to none. She is loyal, committed and someone who reaches her potential on a consistent basis.


January's Junior of the Month

Harper McCullough

Harper is being recognized for being academically responsible and helping to create a positive environment for the Black Raider community. Harper serves as a mentor for athletes on the cheer team. When Harper is faced with new challenges, she maintains an optimistic outlook, which is infectious to those around her.


January's Sophomore of the Month

Willow Merchant

Willow is being recognized for her small acts of kindness, no matter who the person is who may need help. Whether it is helping a student feel accepted at school or helping students in the hallway, Willow always seems to be on the lookout for someone in need of a kind interaction. Willow does this, not for recognition, but just because she is that kind of person.


January's Freshman of the Month

Addison Benavente

Addion’s teachers would like to recognize her as student of the month because of her positive attitude. Addison is a great student in and out of the classroom. Addison is supportive of others and is overall a great school citizen and adds to the school climate at Winslow High School.