Student of the Month

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Emily West

Emily has been an active member since even before school began and has been a fantastic ambassador for incoming students. Even with restrictions, Emily brings a positive energy to theater. She is always prepared to put her best foot forward (literally and figuratively) and has been an excellent role model for all the newcomers to theater.

Noella Pepin

Noella Pepin has been a consistent role model since joining Winslow High School last year. She is not afraid to try new things and always gives 100%. She is respectful and patient with her peers. Always pleasant to be around! Noella is a kind and caring student, and I have never heard her say a mean word toward anyone. In class, she works extremely hard, and puts forth the best effort that she can. She doesn't complain about anything- is very agreeable and well behaved.

Lilly Harvey

Often times we look at the people who are "out in front" on issues, events, or activities in our school. We can forget that many times individuals who work behind the scenes, function in a manner that allows others to have the spotlight. This young lady would prefer to remain out of the spotlight. She would be very happy to let others bask in the front of a crowd. But, whether she is taking care of a field hockey team, keeping score at a basketball game, or simply being a kind, generous, warm person, her actions speak louder than words ever could. She is one of the many "quiet heroes" that walk our hallways every day, maintaining good grades, being involved with a myriad of activities, and most important, being a great person.